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Articles / Young People Combating Hate Speech Online:

Young People Combating Hate Speech Online

by Zuzana Bajuszova 04.04.2012

Are you concerned about human rights violations, hate speech online, discrimination and racism?

Hate speech is not a new issue, but its online dimension gives new reasons for concern as most of the action is happening in the encounter spaces like social networking sites which are hard to monitor and analyse. The project organised by Council of Europe's youth sector is based on the idea that the human rights apply online as much as in the rest of the society and that Internet is a public space that should be governed by human rights principles and values.

If you are young blogger or online activist interested in combatting racism and discrimination, you can participate in the project Young People Combating Hate Speech Online that will be run between 2012 and 2014. As a first stage the training course and a residential seminar between 20-27 May 2012 in the European Youth Centre in Budapest will take place to involve the activists in a long term campaign against racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

The main objective of the project will be to equip young people and youth organisations with the competences necessary to recognize and be able to act against a human rights violations in online expressions. The project will also involve European and national actors through a variety of activities. Young people from groups that are targeted by on-line hate speech such as refugees and asylum-seekers and people of different religions, etnical groups or sexual orientation will play a particular role in the campaign. The network of young bloggers will form the core of the preparation of an on-line media campaign. The campaign will have an European dimension, but it is expected to have national and regional focus by supporting the regional campaigns in the Balkans, Caucasus and Mediterranean.


The training course is designed for participants who are:

- aged between 18 and 30 years

- already young bloggers or young human rights activists with the capacity to multiply information and opinion among other young people and mobilise young people online

- interested to further take action against racism and discrimination in online environments

- advanced users of social media;

- able to work in the English language

- supported by a youth organisation, group of activists or community online


Apply online completing the application form. Applications must be submitted by 19 April 2012.

Read more about the participant profile, rules and enrolment fees on the official website of the Council of Europe.





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Council of Europe, racism


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