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Articles / Joke on Choices Never Again:

Joke on Choices Never Again

by Rosana Escobar 27.10.2009
The boss called me at his office. As soon as I entered he said: “Rosana you’re fired.” I, inexpediently, busted out to laughers. So my boss continued:

Scenario A: “Ok I’m not joking. You’re fired.” And as so, job hunting is my new favorite sport until I find a new one.
Scenario B: “Ok I’m joking. At last! Someone with a sense of humor here”! And I go back to my job as usual.

At the office again: I’m up to the jaw with “to do” things and here comes the colleague (oops! I think I know why she is coming!) telling me in an abrupt way: “What’s going on with the logos I asked you???” My response is:

Scenario A: “Get off me! You and your logos!!!”
Scenario B: “No worries girlie…you’ll have them asap!”

In the train,

Scenario A: People get so annoying. It seems like everyone is falling over me!

Scenario B: I observe people’s faces. I realize that each and every one of them hides a different story.

Walking on the street I pass near a friend’s house; I haven’t seen him/her for a long time.

Scenario A: I accelerate in the hope that he/she didn’t see me.

Scenario B: Haaa! I carefully leave a small present in his/her yard. I’m sure he/she is going to appreciate it!

Checking my letterbox,

Scenario A: I’d rather not open these credit card bills yet. The view alone must be very shocking.

Scenario B: Bills frighten me no more! I have decided to live a simple life!

Staying in,

Scenario A: Let’s see what’s on TV! I just end up half zapping half asleep.

Scenario B: Let’s jam a lit’ bit con la guitarra! Shalalallala!

Going out with friends. The majority’s decision is to go somewhere I don’t really like that much.

Scenario A: I take my usual blaze look sort of like “ok never mind, whatever the folks want, but on the other hand don’t even think that I’ll head over hills with joy!” (which actually means being grouchy the whole night).

Scenario B: Forget about the place! Its friends that counts!

Eventually I had a nice time out. On the way home, I think about the importance of some things.

Scenario A: Career, money and having fun! That’s my definition of success!

Scenario B: The world is designed to distract me from the beauties of creation: I’m thus determined to look over and beyond the man-made world confronting even the most common flower as the most extraordinary!

Existential questions come and go in my mind.

Scenario A: Relax…only kids make questions. I push every such thought away because I only live for myself and for now!

Scenario B: I recognize my littleness. I will never give up until I find satisfying and reliable answers!

Readers’ comments:

Scenario A: Things are not as simple as you describe. I’m tired of you telling me how I should behave! I’ll
do what I want!

Scenario B: Take it as a simple conversation. Both get reach from that. You take just the good ones.

Every single day we may choose the first or the second scenario of behavior or maybe something in the middle or even nothing at all. Comparatively, stress or internal satisfaction varies. In all of the above scenarios choices are up to us with the exception of the occasion described in the first paragraph. That would be a boss’s choice.

In my case fortunately, my boss chose to make a joke! A bad one actually.


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